Water Conservation is Essential to Protect Florida's Environment and Way of Life

These pages contain water conservation tips that, if followed, will help preserve Florida's water resources and save Floridians money on water and wastewater bills. Whether it is indoor or outdoor water savings, there are many things Floridians can do to keep their Florida environment beautiful. Water is becoming scarce and is a resource to be cherished.

And, Floridians do not need to turn their yards into a landscape of cactus and rocks to save much of the 50 to 60 percent average water usage for irrigation. By changing widespread irrigation misconceptions that result in over watering that promotes lawn disease, Floridians can go a long way towards saving water and money and grow healthier lawns. And, with a little research, Floridians can find many gorgeous flowering native plants that have survived for centuries on just Florida's normal rainfall. Imagine a colorful landscape that needs little irrigation. That's possible with just a little reading and careful plant selection.

Read about all of this on these pages. Then, visit the water management districts' conservation pages by following the links on the left for even more information.


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