About Us

The Water Conservation School is a complete conservation service for water utilities to assist them in meeting their regulatory requirements for permitting. Pressure on water utilities to educate their employees and customers about water conservation will continue to increase year by year as Florida's population grows. Protection of Florida's aquifers and drinking water is a top priority to assure an adequate supply of water for its population without degrading the State's environment and threatening its future.

The school is also available to complete your annual consumer confidence reports as well as to place editorial coverage in local newspapers.

The President of the school has twelve years experience developing water conservation programs for Florida's largest investor-owned water and wastewater utility. This includes complete, but unique, conservation plans for 107 separate water systems to meet regulatory requirements. They included education as well as retrofit programs and received the Governor's top award for environmental education and first place from the American Water Works Association for a Florida water conservation program. For more information about the President , click here.

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