Services Available

The Water Conservation School can provide the following services for water utilities:

  • Complete Water Conservation Manuals
  • Joint Water Conservation Funding Applications with the water management districts to meet your local water conservation education needs
  • Consumer Confidence Reports
  • Water Conservation Education for Employees
  • Water Conservation Education for Customers covering indoor, outdoor, use of native Florida plants, the benefits of reclaimed water for reuse, the status of Florida's aquifers.
  • Customer water conservation newsletters.
  • Updates for water utility and elected city officials on Florida's water laws.
  • Specially designed programs for high-end users, including personal water audits and water conservation education programs.
  • Publicity for your utilities conservation programs through new releases and specially placed stories in your local and trade media
  • Community outreach contacting local builders and nurseries to promote the use of drought tolerant, yet beautiful landscapes and in placing demonstration water wise landscapes on public lands.
  • Meet with local science schoolteachers and provide customers children with a respect for the importance of a water-saving culture.
  • Meet your other conservation needs as they arise.

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